Ritalin vs Vyvanse

Both medications in Ritalin vs Vyvansejuxtaposition are central nervous system stimulants that affect chemicals in nerves and the brain to regulate impulse and hyperactivity control. Yet, these two medications differ significantly. Vyvanse is a new class of medication to treat ADHD and ADD. It is not an immediate release stimulant and as such is better-tolerated than Ritalin.  Vyvanse can help to maintain better symptom control and for longer time than Rilatin.

Another difference the medications in Ritalin vs Vyvanse comparison feature is that of price: Ritalin is less expensive, yet its addiction and abuse potential is much higher than that of Vyvanse.

Once your choice is made regarding the medications in Ritalin vs Vyvanse juxtaposition, you will think about the available options of buying them. To do it easily, conveniently and cost-efficiently, you can visit an online pharmacy. Among the great advantages they have over the land-based ones is that at online drugstores you can buy the medication you need without a prescription and enjoy the confidentiality this method of shopping allows for.