Ritalin 5mg

Ritalin 5mg is the most commonly prescribed central nervous system stimulant. It is indicated for use to treat ADD and related disorders in adults as well as children over 6 years old. The active ingredient, (Methylphenidate hydrochloride) affects and balances the relevant chemicals in the brain and nerves that regulate the ability to control impulse and hyperactivity.

Ritalin 5mg can occasionally be prescribed for appetite control and weight loss as well. This most common side effect of the medication – weight loss – is generally accounted for the cases of Ritalin abuse.

Ritalin 5mg is a prescription medication and as such can be purchased at land-based pharmacies only with a prescription.

The only way to buy Ritalin 5mg without a prescription is to do it at an online pharmacy. When buying the medication there for the first time you will be surprised how much more convenient, easy and budget this method of shopping is compared to the traditional one. Buying medications at online pharmacies will save you a lot of embarrassment, inconvenience and … money.