Methylphenidate vs Ritalin

What is important to know when comparing Methylphenidate vs Ritalin is that Methylphenidate is the active ingredient in both these medications, and that they are relevantly brand and generic equivalents. Whatever slight difference in the effect or side-effects in the two medications in Methylphenidate vs Ritalin juxtaposition there might be is ascribed only to their inactive ingredients, which may be slightly different.

What may influence greatly your choice, when comparing Methylphenidate vs Ritalin, is the difference in their price, since brand equivalents are always significantly more expensive than their generic equivalents.

Whatever your choice of the medication is, there is a way to buy it easily and also save some money while doing so. At an online pharmacy you can buy the same pharmaceutical products as at land-based drugstores but at significantly lower price and with no prescription required. Among other advantages this method of shopping has over the traditional one is that you can make an online order right from your home and receive it confidentially in a non-transparent, sealed envelope.