Methylin vs Ritalin

What might be useful to know when juxtaposing Methylin vs Ritalin is that these are brand and generic versions relevantly, with the same active ingredient and slightly different inactive ones. Both of them act as central nervous system stimulants in treatment of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders (ADD and ADHD), and a sleep disorder (narcolepsy). Both medications feature much the same mode of action and side-effects.

What might be of crucial importance in making the choice of a medication in Methylin vs Ritalin pair is their prices.  Brand variety of any medication always costs more than its generic version because of the research, trial and other expenses manufacturing of a new medication involves.

If you want to buy any one of the medications in Methylin vs Ritalin juxtaposition and pay for it less than at land-based pharmacies, you can buy them in an online pharmacy. Apart from lower prices at an online pharmacy you can buy the medication of your choice without a prescription – a fact that also gives the freedom to choose between brand and generic versions of the medication you are interested in. Due to these advantages the popularity of online pharmacies grows day by day.