Focalin vs Ritalin

In Focalin vs Ritalin comparison these facts might be of use when making the choice of the medication to prefer.

Ritalin is the most commonly prescribed medication for treatment of ADD, ADHD (attention and hyperactivity disorders) and narcolepsy (sleep disorder). It has been in use for a long time and is trusted a lot by physicians and patients.

The other component of Focalin vs Ritalin comparison, Focalin (dexmethylphenidate), is a modified version of Ritalin and contains several of its most active components. This medication acts through mildly stimulating the central nervous system and should be used as a part of compound treatment program with educational, social and psychological measures.

The next thing you would most probably think about after making your choice in the Focalin vs Ritalin juxtaposition would be about where you could buy the medication of your preference. There are two options: either at a land-based pharmacy, with a prescription; or at an online pharmacy, without a prescription, with an opportunity to choose between brand and generic versions of the medications and with all medications being available at lower prices. The advantages of buying medications at an online pharmacy will become even more apparent after the very first time you buy them online.